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Reverse Osmosis & Ultraviolet

Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet Systems

Brown Well & Water Supply Ultra Violet Filter System

Brown Well & Water Supply Ultra Violet Filter System

Reverse osmosis and ultraviolet systems to complement your CSI Water system.

  • Ultra Violet System FEATURES: Many wells, ponds and other untreated water sources may contain unwanted or harmful organisms. A supply tested drinkable one day, may become contaminated from underground seepage, surface water or ground water fouling from a myriad of sources. Ultra Violet systems address these concerns without having to add chemicals like chlorine to water or changing its chemical composition

  • WATER QUALITY PARAMETERS: Recommended levels for use as a guideline for pre-treatment requirements; Iron: Hardness: < 120ppm (7 grains per gallon), % UVT: > 95% at 30 mjlem2

  • ADDITIONAL WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT: To meet the water quality parameter described above, you may need to pre-treat your water to ensure appropriate disinfection. Pre-treatment equipment must be installed BEFORE the UV reactor. Ask your water treatment dealer for furter information about water quality and testing.

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TFC Reverse Osmosis

All in one simple system that fits under your sink! Treatment of water by reverse osmosis represents a modern breakthrough in water filters. Water is processed at the molecular level, providing you and your family a reliable supply of quality drinking water. That’s why major bottled water companies use this process to filter water prior to bottling.

Brown Well & Water Supply Ultra Violet Filter System

Reverse Osmosis & Ultraviolet Questions & Answers

  • How does UV light purify my water?

    UV light is a powerful tool that can be used to destroy harmful microorganisms in water without altering its taste or odor. The technology behind UV light purification involves exposing water to intense ultraviolet light which neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants present in the water. The process is quick, efficient, and chemical-free making it environmentally friendly as well. Unlike traditional methods of disinfection like chlorine treatment which leaves residue in the water, UV light does not leave any byproducts making it a safe option for both human consumption and environmental preservation.

  • Why do businesses most often choose a reverse osmosis system?

    A reverse osmosis system can efficiently supply purified water on a large-scale basis making it a top choice.

  • Why do I need both UV light and reverse osmosis? Can I have just one or the other to save money?

    These systems work together. UV light destroys microbial contaminants and reverse osmosis removes lead, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, and other pollutants. 

  • Do households use reverse osmosis water filtration systems?

     Yes! And one of the most significant benefits of using a reverse osmosis system is that it provides pure drinking water over bottled or tap water. No more buying cases of bottled water for your family.

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