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Well Drilling

Well drilling is one of our signature services at Brown Well & Water Supply. This is a comprehensive service that includes more than the actual drilling. Our team of professionals goes through a very detailed process to ensure the preparation phase is carried out with precision. We also take care of pump installation, well casing and grouting. Once the entire process is completed, we will thoroughly inspect your well to ensure everything is working properly.

Well Drilling

Benefits of drilling with Brown Well & Water Supply

Homeowners immediately see the benefits in cost when it comes to their monthly water bills. The quality of drinking water is also improved for those who have their own well. There are other steps Brown Well & Water Supply can take to purify and soften the water you use. Brown Well & Water Supply is licensed and that makes for the creation of clean wells without contamination.

Finding the right depth

Part of the procedure for drilling a well is finding the right depth to reach groundwater. Depending upon your location, those depths will differ. There are numerous factors that account for those differences, such as annual rainfall, topography, geological conditions and more. The difference in depth could also impact the cost and that is all explained by one of our experienced technicians. We always take the time to educate our customers on why certain measures are taken*.

Professional-Grade equipment

It is important to maintain all well drilling equipment and that extends to more than just the drill. The casing driver is an integral part of the process, which allows drilling to be done in unison with the well being cased. This speeds up the process, which can reduce the overall cost of the procedure.

Well drilling done right

When it comes to well drilling in Charlotte, NC, customers are looking for efficiency while also having the job completed in a timely manner. Both of those are top priorities at Brown Well & Water Supply. We have the advantage of relying on decades of experience as we can accommodate all types of settings. Our estimates are always free and we also walk our customers through every step of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Well Drilling

*BWWS cannot guarantee water quantity or quality at any depth

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