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Having your own well introduces a host of positives, although there is eventually going to be some upkeep required. At some point, the well may malfunction and that will require the touch of a professional. Brown Well & Water Supply attends to all types of well repair in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding communities.

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When Do I Need Repair?

There are a lot of warning signs that indicate a well is in need of repair. Some of these issues are more obvious than others. However, it is important to address these issues without waiting as they could become more problematic. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, then it is a strong indication that you are in need of well repair:

  • No water coming from faucets

  • Low water pressure

  • Water is dirty or contains sediment

  • Air comes from faucet when turned on

  • Pump continues to run

  • Changes in water pressure

  • Tank making unusual sounds

  • Utility bills increase

One of the common problems that require well repair is a faulty well pump. A number of those issues may indicate that a well pump is not working properly. The good news is you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Contact Brown Well & Water Supply and one of our professional technicians will come out directly to your well and diagnose the problem.

A well is lined with a casing and over the course of time, that casing could become compromised. Dealing with the natural elements of heat, rain, wind, and changes in temperature is bound to eventually take their toll. When a casing starts to falter, it could result in contaminants entering your water supply. This is where well repair comes in and restores your drinking water.

There are a lot of moving parts that contribute to the function of a working well. That means there could be a variety of reasons for a well not working properly. Brown Well & Water Supply attends to all those issues that could include jet pumps, pressure switches, submersible motors, sediment filters and more. Some well repair is due to just a minor breakdown while others are more comprehensive.

At Brown Well & Water Supply, our well repair service begins with an inspection and continues with a diagnosis of the issue. That is followed by our professional suggestions on how to resolve the issue. For the best well repair Charlotte, NC has to offer, contact Brown Well & Water Supply.

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What You Need to Know About Well Repair Services

  • Can I restore an abandoned well?

    Homes with wells that have been sitting for a year or longer need to be fully tested for integrity, heavy metals, and microbial contamination. Repairs and treatment are put in place, but keep in mind, not all dormant wells should be restored. Trust our company that’s been in business for 150+ years for expert advice. 

  • My appliances always get sediment buildup and need cleaning. Can you help with this?

    Yes, we can. We can incorporate sediment filters if not already in place or replace the ones you have with better quality filters to keep your appliances free from sediment overload.

  • Is it true I can use too much water?

    Yes, depending on the amount of recent rainfall and water table. If there is decreased rainfall over time, this decreases water levels available to your well. With that being said, if your household uses more water than is available, it can eventually run your well dry. Being mindful of managing your water consumption during times of drought can help.

  • Can my well run dry?

    The short answer is yes, but the good news is it won’t happen suddenly. It’s a gradual process and will give you clues and warnings before it’s too late. Things such as air in the pipes, murky water, and so on. When your well water is drawn down below the water pump level, the pump can suck air into the system and result in faucets that sputter when turned on. If your well does stop suddenly and you have no water, it is most likely a mechanical component. Many calls we get are from homeowners who think their well has run dry but instead, they need a well pump replacement or other well service.

  • What's that smell? Could it be related to my well?

    It’s possible. If you have a contaminated well, a well that is getting close to running dry, or a well that has an accumulation of minerals and buildup, you can end up with foul smelling drinking water. A periodic well water inspection and testing by our professionals at Brown Well & Water Supply can stay ahead of any issues. 

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