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Commercial Water Filtration

Brown Well & Water Supply has the experience, expertise and resources to meet all your commercial water filtration needs. Businesses of all types rely on clean water in some capacity and making sure this area is covered is a key element to running a successful enterprise. Even if there is not major contamination in your water supply, there could still be traces of minerals that could lead to problems. Brown Well & Water Supply can put an end to that possibility.

Our water filtration systems are strong enough to handle a variety of commercial environments. That means that clean water will be available on-demand as there is no need to worry about the wellbeing of all those using this water supply. Here is a look at some of the commercial environments that Brown Well & Water Supply services with water filtration.

  • Apartment complexes

  • Senior homes

  • Public water systems

  • Medical facilities

  • Schools

  • Municipal buildings

  • Hotels

We can accommodate various designs that include upflow and backwashing. Our job is to provide you with a system that treats all types of water issues that impact taste and smell. Our systems remove chlorine and the commercial grade allows the system to stand up to tougher compounds.

Water Softener Series with Control Valves

Brown Well & Water Supply stock up on the very best products in commercial water filtration. We carry a complete line of CSI Water Treatment products, which is considered to be the premier product for commercial properties. These innovative products are available through Brown Well & Water Supply and can be installed in all types of commercial and industrial businesses. Here is a look at the types of CSI water softeners we offer:

  • HydroxR

  • ReactR

  • Single Water Tank

  • Alternating Twin

  • Triple or Quadplex

  • Progressive Flow

These products are designed to allow no hard water bypass while also offering electronic meter regeneration. These products are also intended to treat higher levels of minerals. If your water has higher traces of magnesium, iron or sulfur, these products have the power to get the job done right.

Reverse Osmosis Series

At Brown Well & Water Supply, we also offer CSI products that operate by using reverse osmosis. This includes the LE, ELE, DFS and DWM series. The LC series is also offered for lighter commercial use. One of the benefits of using these products is the advantage of a higher flow with less energy. These products do an excellent job of removing sodium and salt from an entire water supply. 

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