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Well Drilling, Well Repair & Supplies

At Brown Well & Water Supply, we understand that many homeowners and business have come to rely on well water. Our well services aim to keep fresh water running throughout your home or business. Our team of professionals specializes in the all-important areas of well drilling, well repair and well supplies.


A well is the term given to a hole dug into the ground so that it can retrieve water from underground. A well’s depth varies according to your location, although these are all man-made. There must be a proper slope to avoid contamination. Well drilling also consists of inserting the proper components, such as a pump, piping and electrical motor. This complex system enables water to be transported from its natural environment directly into your home or business.

Brown Well & Water Supply is experienced in drilling all types of wells in addition to using the appropriate drilling techniques for each type of well. Our well drilling includes the following types of installation services:

  • Residential water wells

  • Irrigation wells

  • Agricultural Wells

  • Commercial Applications

  • Geothermal Wells

Our well drilling will include preparation, drilling, installing a well casing, grouting and pump installation. We will then inspect the well and conduct a thorough water test to ensure efficiency.

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There are a variety of problems that can affect the working condition of your well. Those problems can include issues with the aquifer, over-pumping, corrosion or a buildup of incrustation.  In addition to environmental factors there is regular repair and maintenance of water wells.  While each well may vary in depth and yield, most residential wells share these common components:

  1. Pump (Can be a Submersible or Jet Pump)🡪 The main workhorse to bring water into the home.

  2. Pressure Tank 🡪 Provides stable pressure in the home and helps protect the pump from overuse

  3. Pressure Switch 🡪 Turns the pump off and on by mechanically or electronically monitoring the pressure (most common sizes are a 40/60 PSI switch and 30/50 PSI switch)

The BWWS team specializes in correctly diagnosing and correcting issues with each of these components quickly and accurately. 

Those issues can be fixed with well repair.


Brown Well & Water Supply goes beyond just drilling and repair as we offer a vast line of well supplies. Whether you are in need of a major overhaul or a minor fix, we have a solution for you. Customers can choose from the following supplies to keep their wells operating right:

  • Submersible motors and cables

  • Control Panels and Tanks

  • Jet pumps

  • Centrifugal and Multi-Stage pumps

  • Float and pressure switches

  • Tank accessories and water storage tanks

  • Well chemicals and well caps

  • Sediment filters

These are just a few of the many well supplies available at affordable prices at Brown Well & Water Supply. Our team of technicians can also advise you on which well supply product best suits your needs.

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