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How to Identify Problems with Your Well Pump

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Located at the bottom of the well, there is a pump, which serves the function of drawing water. This particular pump is intended to operate as needed, although it requires regular maintenance. As long as that maintenance is conducted, a pump can last up to an entire decade. However, when a pump starts to falter, there are several warning signs.

With close to 150 years in the North Carolina well drilling and supply industry, Brown Well Supply Company knows better than most what these warning signs are. In this article, they provide a closer look at a few of the most common signs that point to well pump problems and a need for well service.

Low Amounts of Pressure

When water just trickles out of the faucet, it is usually a sign that there is something amiss with your well. Pumps that are still functional, but are beginning to fail will often produce a low amount of pressure. However, there are other causes and it’s always good to examine them before removing the pump. Low pressure could also be caused by a bad pressure tank, which can be found within the well house. A failing pressure tank is typically caused by leaks. A leaky pipe could also produce the same effect. Check the above ground components before looking at the pump.

Constant Running

There are a number of reasons why a pump could be responsible for constantly running water. The potential glitches could include a faulty shutoff switch or a broken sensor. There is also the possibility that the pump is cycling by turning off and on during times when it is not being used. Older pumps can run into problems with producing ample amounts of water. This can also be an indication that the tank has become waterlogged. If left unresolved, a tank with excess water can actually break a pump. By checking the tank right away, you could actually avoid having to also replace the pump. Local residents can call on Brown Well Supply Salisbury for a quick and affordable fix.

Lack of Water

This is the most obvious way of knowing there is a problem with your well is by turning on faucets that do not produce the flow of water. The pump’s function is to transfer water from the well. This could be caused by a clog in the line or bad fuse. It is important to check the other signs first as something as simple as unclogging debris will get the well up and running again.

Experiencing one of the issues mentioned above? Rest assured! Brown Well Supply can fix all kinds of problems with your well pump and make sure your home has the convenience of running water. We also provide well drilling Salisbury NC and repair, well maintenance services and continue to remain the top well repair Salisbury, NC has to offer.

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