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Always Keep Copies of Well Reports

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Some states require well reporting and have actually made it mandatory by law. A variety of processes are improved when there are more well reports available. However, it is not up to homeowners to fill out these reports, but they should make it a point to hang onto a copy of them.

Homeowners are given copies of these reports, although some can be withheld until full payment is made to the company entrusted with well drilling Salisbury NC or repair. Within a well report is the location of the well, its depth and diameter. The water level is also noted along with the driller of the well and name and address of the property owner. The local geology is also noted and this applies to the local materials and any information that is relevant in that area.

Well reports are compiled into well logs and more government agencies are now putting together databases filled with these records. There are even online searches that are capable of producing well reports within various states. This can be particularly useful when attempting to sell a home.

Selling a home

Trying to sell a home that is without a water well report could be problematic. Mortgage companies often ask for that information as part of their approval process. Buyers will also frequently ask for well reports when looking at a home and, without one, they may simply move on to the next listing. Not being able to produce a well report could cause some trust issues among prospective buyers. It could mean the potential for future repairs as well as questionable access to water.

Well maintenance services

In the event that some type of well maintenance services are required, well reports can be tremendously useful. Part of well repair requires looking into various components and if one was recently replaced, chances are that is not the problem. This could save well repair companies time which means saving the customer money in service costs.

It is important to note that water quality is not part of well reports. Testing your well water falls into an entirely different category. Samples should be tested once repair or drilling is complete, although those findings will not be found within a well report.

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