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The Lowdown on Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

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Reverse Osmosis may sound like a bit of a complex procedure for a home water filtration system. However, it has proven to be an effective way of ensuring that a home is always supplied with clean water and here is a closer look at how it works.

The Process

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) process ultimately results in the production of purified water which has the capability of extracting contaminants while also separating small molecules and ions. Essentially, the RO process is one that is capable of removing salt from salt water and turning it into drinking water. That kind of process can be applied to home based systems in which water is purified. An RO system typically treats three different kinds of water: saltwater, fresh water and brackish water. Fresh water is considered tap water, or the water provided by a municipality.

The Perks

There are other water filtration systems on the market, so what makes an RO system so special? For starters, it is capable of blocking mostly all contaminants. Some water filtration systems claim to purify water, but they are not always able to remove all contaminants, such as calcium and carbonate. An RO system is able to efficiently purify drinking water and can also do so on a large-scale basis, which is a perk for businesses according to well supply companies.

The Parts

RO systems depend largely upon its membrane, which is essentially the heart and soul of the system and responsible for the purification of water. An RO system also contains filter cartridges which are responsible for keeping the taste of the water palatable. A variety of pumps are available and serve the function of controlling the pressure of water flowing throughout the system. Lastly, a control panel is used to manage the system’s various settings.

The Performance

Because there are a number of parts that are responsible for the purification process, maintenance may be a little more frequent with an RO system. Performance has proven to be very effective which is why this is a popular option in both the residential and commercial sectors. The process of filtration in an RO system also requires no additional energy.

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