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Important Things to Know About Private Water Wells

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Many homeowners have opted for the convenience of a water well, as opposed to relying on water provided by their local municipality. But not all homeowners are well versed when it comes to the specifics of how a private well operates. In this article, Brown Well Supply Salisbury NC will give us a closer look at some important things to know about private water wells.

Well Water Supply

The water from a well comes from a collection of permeable rock beneath the earth, which is called an aquifer. There are also three types of wells. The first is a Dug Well, which is a rather shallow well. Next is a Drilled Well, which is created with a big drill bit. Lastly, there is a Driven Well, which is created with a huge spike that was driven into the ground, much like a hammer drives a nail.

Well Water Testing

The water in private wells is not tested by the Government. It is up to the homeowner to take care of any testing or any necessary water filtration. When doing so, it is important to test for coliforms, nitrates, pH contaminants and any organic compounds that may be volatile. Routine testing is recommended once a year, although if any local water problems are reported, it is a good idea to test around that time.

Well Repair

Since there are several components that go into the overall functionality of a well, it is not unheard of for wells to require some type of maintenance. Water pumps keep the well operating and typically last about 10 years. There could be other reasons for a problem and it is best to call a professional, especially since service calls are generally inexpensive.

Well Permits

There is typically permitting required when it comes to drilling a new well in Salisbury NC, and that differs among municipalities. The company that is hired to drill the well usually handles any permitting issues. In some municipalities, permits are required for well repair. It is also strongly recommended that new wells be drilled after a home’s septic system is installed.

Water Filtration Systems

Most private wells provide fresh drinking water, although there are some areas that have higher concentrations of minerals. Once well water is tested, a decision can then be made regarding the installation of a home water filtration system.

Brown Well Supply can attend to all kinds of well repair in Salisbury, NC. Relying on years of experience, our technicians can help install the water filtration system or water softener of your choice to ensure the utmost efficiency within your home.

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