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Water Softener Truths and Myths

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There is a lot to know about water softeners Salisbury, although not everyone is privy to all of the finer points that come with this type of water system. Here is a look at six of the most popular myths about water softeners and the actually truths.

Myth #1: Water that has been softened actually feels soft or slick on the skin.

Truth: The term soft water describes water that has a decreased level of ions. While there is a noticeable difference in the minerals that are in soft water, the difference does not show itself to one’s sense of touch.

Myth #2: Water softeners create salty water within your home.

Truth: There are slight traces of salt in water that is softened, although it is undetectable when it comes to taste. This is also just a minute fraction of the amount of sodium that is recommended for daily intake. The reason there are small traces is because a brine solution made of salt is what flushed out hardness ions from your system.

Myth #3: Using a water softener will result in purified water

Truth: Water softeners remove certain minerals from water and even can take out the iron. However, water softeners do not purify your water as there are some heavy metals that may still infiltrate the water.

Myth #4: Soft water provides a fresher, cleaner taste.

Truth: This may differ from one person to the next as taste varies among people. However, people do not purchase water softeners for the taste, unlike bottled spring water. The main benefit of water softeners is not in the area of consumption.

Myth #5: Water softeners are expensive.

Truth: The installation of a water softener is relatively inexpensive with Brown Well Supply Company and there is also the need to consider how much it will save on energy bills. The cost of water heating can be reduced by as much as 1/3 of the previous cost. Also, half the dish and laundry detergent is required when using soft water instead of hard water.

Myth #6: Softened water will damage septic tanks.

Truth: Studies have proven that salty discharge from water softeners do not negatively impact septic tanks at all. Even any traces of salt have no effect on the functionality of a home’s septic tank. 

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Now that you know the facts, are you ready to consider a commercial or residential water softening system? Brown Well Supply can add a water softener or water filtration system to your home or business and make sure the installation is done right. The professionals at Brown Well Supply also specialize in all types of well repair in Salisbury, NC and the surrounding areas.

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